About Us

Evenafter is a self-described “edgy yet subtle” rock/blues/celtic/punk/soul outfit from Columbus, Ohio. The band is currently emerging in its hometown scene and winning over fans who instantly bond with its mix of original songs that live somewhere in the vein of Kaleo meets Buddy Guy meets Tom Waits and covers of artists like Nathaniel Rateliff, The Dropkick Murphys, The Black Keys, John Legend and Green Day. Evenafter is the kind of band that can happen when talented, experienced musicians embrace wildly diverse styles of music and play them all with genuine passion. The group delivers an unbridled authenticity that’s quite rare in today’s climate.

The current lineup of Michael Flanagan (drums/percussion), Kevin Fullen (bass), Scott Lee (keyboards), Holly Moretti (guitar/percussion/keyboards) and Tyler Reed (guitar/harmonica) possess an amazing chemistry as a unit. Most of the band members sing, with Kevin, Holly and Tyler swapping lead vocals and Scott arranging 2 and 3-part harmonies for many of the songs.

The band began when Reed and Flanagan were kicked out of a Celtic Rock band for “playing too hard.” Taking this as a sign of a shared destiny, they began jamming and writing, soon adding Fullen and Lee. After months of rehearsal, the band spent November of 2018 at Sonic Lounge Studios in GroveCity, making their first demo recordings.

Moretti was already accomplished Singer/Songwriter/Musician when she joined the band in January 2019. As their circle closed, all five knew they had found something great. Vocal and instrumental skills run high with this bunch and no one involved is afraid to take risks or be thought a fool. This dynamic makes for an insanely creative environment and the firepower to rock any house in the world. Anyone mourning the demise of strong-willed music will be happy to find that it is actually very much alive and well, living in Ohio, and called Evenafter.