Demos Released

Evenafter is proud to announce the release of its first set of demos. They include 2 full-length original songs and a 7-minute montage of cover songs.

The cover demos include clips from 9 different songs that we cover including:
  – 3 Contemporary Songs (You Worry Me, Gold On The Ceiling, Freedom)
  – 3 Classic Songs (Swingin, Come Together, Dead Flowers)
  – 3 Celtic-Rock songs (Whistles the Wind, Within a Mile of Home, Fisherman’s Blues)

Dressed In Smoke
Our most recent original work, Dressed In Smoke highlights the instrumental and vocal capabilities of the band. It starts as a gentle melodic piece and then winds and builds itself into epic crescendos and a beautiful ending.

Come Down With Me
The first song we wrote, Come Down With Me is an invitation to be a little less concerned about keeping up outward “appearances” and coming down a few steps to chill. A stompy-bluesy number that will tap toes and stick in your mind.

*Not the actual cassette we recorded on